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AST 020 - Introductory Astronomy
A descriptive survey of the heavens including the constellations and stars, the Earth as an astronomical body, the sun and our planetary system, eclipses, comets, measurements of time, the calendar, the celestial sphere, our galaxy, binary ad variable stars, nebulae, the elements of astrophysics, cosmogony, the history of astronomy. Weekly laboratory exercises are an integral part of this course. It is closed to students who have taken AST026. This course does not satisfy major, concomitant or specialization requirements for secondary education Science and/or Liberal Arts Science Majors.
AST 026 - Elements of Modern Astronomy
A non-laboratory introductory course of the study of the universe. Special emphasis will be placed on the physical properties of the planets and other members of the solar system, life in the universe, the structure and evolution of stars, and the theories concerning the origin and development of the universe. There are no prerequisites, but this course is not open to students who have taken AST020-021 or its equivalent. This course does not satisfy the laboratory course requirement for physical sciences under general education.
AST 140 - Astronomy I
A survey of the solar system with special emphasis on the planets and their satellites, the minor planets, comets, and meteors. The historical developments of astronomy and physics and the application of astronomy in time determination, the calendar, celestial navigation and astronautics are introduced. There will be several planetarium and telescopic observation sessions. PREREQUISITES: MAT 105 or 115 and PHY040-041 or permission of the instructor.
AST 142 - Astronomy II
A survey of the stars and stellar systems including the sun as a star, stellar properties and distances, binary stars, variable stars, star clusters, stellar evolution, galaxies and the universe with special emphasis on the Milky Way Galaxy. Some concepts of astrophysics, radio astronomy and cosmology are introduced. There will be several planetarium and telescopic observations sessions. PREREQUISITES: AST 140-131; MAT016 or MAT115 or permission of instructor.
AST 240 - The Planetarium
This course introduces the planetarium, its operation and maintenance. The student will learn the operation of the planetarium and the production of visual aids and tape recordings for use in planetarium presentations. The student will also become familiar with the use and operation of the telescopes. PREREQUISITE: AST142-143 or permission of the instructor.
AST 370 - Research in Astronomy
The course will involve an individual research program on a specialized topic in astronomy and will require either library research, observational work, use of the computer or planetarium, or a combination of these. The results of such work might be published. PREREQUISITE: AST140-141, 142-143 and consent of the instructor. This course may be repeated for credit.

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